Wanted: strpbrk()

I'm looking for a good EnScript API method for testing whether a string contains any characters in a second string.

That is, I want the standard C function strpbrk().

For some reason, I feel like earlier versions of EnCase had a function that did this. (By earliere versions, I mean v5 or v4.)

String::Trim() would almost do the job, except that it replaces the occurrences, which isn't what I want. The second parameter of Trim() is an int for passing in a combination of the String::TRIMOPTIONS enums. So, I tried passing in 0 instead of one of the enums, hoping this would find all occurrences but not replace them. Sadly, passing in 0 finds no occurrences.

You can use SearchClass with a character class regexp (e.g., [abc]) or NameListClass::Parse(), but both of them are pretty heavyweight.

In happier news, though, you can use EnScript to convert doubles to strings in scientific notation.