How can I find unicorns in deleted ?

I am a newbie so please be nice !! (sometimes mean people are not so nice) what I am wondering is how to find unicorns in a DELETED file? This file that I am investigating, it has been un-allocated by bad guy to hide the unicorns with stegnozgraphy..

1. even tho the file is deleted, could unicorns copy be of SLACK area?

2. Would any nice peoeple send me an X-Ways s/n#? I here X-Ways has good stegnozgraphy code.

It is very important I find unicorns so please help me.



  1. Jon,

    I have already overcome this problem here's what to do...

    1) Take a deep breath and enter the jungle of data.
    2) Go North then East (for 3 moves), North (for 6), East again and then South. Be careful to follow this route exactly, it's easy to get lost.
    3) Here you will meet the old sage, ask him for the key of stegnozgraphy (note the spelling)
    4) Go West for 4 moves across the plains of slack and pick up the jewelled sword (you'll need this).
    5) Go North for 2 and then West and you'll meet the Grue.
    6) Fight the Grue with the sword and free the unicorns from the jail of unallocated using the key.

    Simple, no?


  2. Thank you Mr. Paul. The professor has not lectured about grue yet. Is it like Elmer's? I like putting Elmer's grue on my finger tips and then peeling it off when it has dried.