An EnScript - Count Selected...

I've rewritten this EnScript more times than Methuselah had years. All it does is recurse through your case, count separately the number of files and folders selected, sum the logical sizes of the files, and write the output to the console. The Dixon box is great for telling you how many items in EnCase you have selected, but it's not enough when you're working on conditions and other criteria for eDiscovery matters.

You can get this info in EnCase by right-clicking and choosing Copy Folders, but I hate right-clicking and modal dialogs, and their combination, however trivial seeming, is enough to make me write a script.

class MainClass {
  void Main(CaseClass c) {
    if (c) {
      long numFiles,
      forall (EntryClass e in c.EntryRoot()) {
        if (e.IsSelected()) {
          if (e.IsFolder()) {
          else {
            numBytes += e.LogicalSize();
      Console.WriteLine(String::FormatInt(numBytes, int::DECIMAL, String::COMMAS) + " selected, "
        + String::FormatInt(numFiles, int::DECIMAL, String::COMMAS) + " files, "
        + String::FormatInt(numFolders, int::DECIMAL, String::COMMAS) + " folders");

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