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Item: Geoff Black has started blogging.

Item: I keep looking up Peter Norvig's handy table of how long it takes a modern computer to do various things.

Item: I attended the ACM Northeast Forensic Exchange (NeFX) at Georgetown University this week. There's a vast, vast gulf between investigators and researchers, and they need to interact more. Fortunately, there are some ex-investigators-turned-researchers, like Nicole Beebe and Gilbert Peterson. I thought I was the only forensicator who knew the term "Latent Dirichlet Allocation," but turns out Dr. Beebe and Dr. Peterson are all over it, and schooled me appropriately at happy hour.

Item: EnCase eDiscovery v4 was released. Hopefully those responsible are getting some needed R&R, although I've heard that a search criteria wizard is still nowhere to be found. If I can make a corollary to Joel's Things You Should Never Do, it'd be, "when you find yourself in Borland's shoes, don't fire Dale Fuller."

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