Dateline: Washington, D.Cyber.

Today, the Biparticyn Policyber Cynter held Cyber Shockwave, a wargame of what would happen in the event of a large-scale CyberCrisis. Real wars in Afpak, Yemen, Iraq, and Somalia got you down? Take the day off and have a fake one about those evil, evil computers.

The exercise featured many former officials from both the Clinton and Bush administrations. Of course, "former officials" sounds better than "current consultants." It was sponsored by government contractors.

Unsurprisingly, the outcome of the event was to highlight cyber the cyber need for increased cyber-awareness cyber cyber, the idea being cyber that the more cyber times cyber one can fit cyber the word cyber cyber in, the cyber more cyber funding one can cyber get to cyber talk about cyber things that neither cyber legislators, cyber policy-makers, or cyber current consultants/former officials cyber understand. Ergo, more tax-cyber-payer money cyber should cyber be spent on cyber studying the cyber issue.

Oh, hey, look at the time. With all those cybers, I've managed to bill my 40 hours this week. Have a good weekend! Maybe cyber next cyber week cyber cyber we can, like, cyber patch some cyber systems or something.

P.S. Don't tell the brass, but the dude who invented the word "cyberspace" dodged the draft.

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